PSG provides overall project management serving as the owner representative to ensure cost, quality, and timely realization of project goals and objectives. We offer services through the entire project life cycle, from lease negotiation assistance through occupancy. Project management services include (but are not limited to): relocation, security, signage, communications, furniture selection, food service coordination, landscape design and even artwork curation. We also assign a member of senior leadership to each project to serve as single point of contact. This ensures that the goals and objectives of each of our clients’ projects are met.

Project Management
Byrd House
Capital One

Vendor Oversight

  • IT Coordination
  • Audio-Visual Coordination
  • Furniture, Fixtures and Equipment Coordination
  • Security Coordination

Design Management

  • Manage formation of the Design Team
  • Review or develop standards for office space utilization
  • Manage the preparation of preliminary and final space plans
  • Oversee preparation of final contract documents
  • Building Permit procurement oversight

PSG Pricing Model

  • Unique to the industry
  • Not solely square footage, hourly, or managed cost percentage based
  • Based on scope of work (SOW)
  • Available as a lump sum cost invoiced over project length

Web-based Project Collaboration

  • Available to complement standard project management services
  • Customizable delivery models
    - Templates
    - Documents
    - Processes and procedures
  • All customized and modified to meet client needs
  • Procore real-time project management and financial tracking for around the clock management.

National Purchasing Program

  • Over 25 national purchasing contracts at no additional cost
  • Negotiated prices with over 25 major manufacturers suppliers of construction and office furnishing/equipment
  • Reduced product costs and/or expedited material lead times

Providing project solutions.
Achieving project results.

Canva PM monitors spreadsheets

National Relocation Program

Master Relocation Management Schedule

  • Key milestone dates
  • Master budget of expenditures and ancillary costs

Inventory Plan

  • Salvage
  • Disposal
  • Asset Management

Relocation Vendor Selection and Management

  • Comprehensive Moving Packet
  • Develop, publish, and distribute relevant information for impending relocation

Moving Day Activities

  • Relocation Managers oversee moving company activities
  • On-site management
  • Pre-moving checkout services

Radio Frequency Identification (RFID)

  • Real time asset tracking
  • Location A scan out
  • During move tracking • Location B scan in

Post Move Help Desk

  • Task tracking system
  • On demand assistance for common questions including locating items misplaced in transit

Construction management projects

American Institutes for Research

American Institutes for Research

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Capital One

Capital One


PSG is currently serving as the overall program and ...

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