Facility management is a major undertaking, whether for a single building or many. Sourcing a property and developing it can take years. When the day arrives for your facility to open to the public you want to be certain you have taken every step necessary to ensure the smooth operation of that facility. The optimal way to achieve this is to partner with an experienced facilities management company like Project Solutions Group. 

Facility management is truly a series of thousands of steps — sometimes per day — and those not well-versed in the industry will not anticipate and plan for all the steps. For Project Solutions Group these steps are second nature. We are accomplished professionals who long ago mastered the skills necessary to provide the best in facility management services in the mid-Atlantic area.

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Facility Management Services include:

  • Oversight

    As a facility management company, our main job is overseeing your entire operation. Facility management encompasses many small details but they all combine to achieve the same goals: to ensure that your facility is safe, comfortable, and efficiently functioning for your customers, employees, visitors, and anyone else who enters your facility. We have a precise process for accomplishing these goals.

    When creating a management plan, we group tasks into four main areas: people, places, processes, and technology. Breaking down and categorizing each task helps to ensure a smooth and logical operation with the best possible outcome.

  • Space planning

    Space planning takes place ahead of occupancy. However, our facility management company schedules regular reviews of the use of space post-occupancy to ensure it is being used optimally and correctly.
    How space is used is critically important in almost every use of a building. Each square foot of commercial space is worth money and our facility managers work hard to ensure it is all used to its fullest potential and none is wasted.

    The software we use to create diagrams of our designs provides us with a 3D model of how the space will look. Utilizing this software ensures build-outs and installations move much more quickly and efficiently.

    As professionals in facility management, part of our job is having a thorough knowledge of all local codes and regulations. These include fire codes, OSHA regulations, and best practices for ergonomic concerns.

  • Asset and inventory management

    Asset and inventory management are critical aspects of facility management. Without which our clients would not be able to profit from their business endeavors. We track every item that enters and leaves the facility, managing not just your inventory, but also your supplies, from furniture and forklifts to coffee, and paper towels. No item is too small to count.

    Both inventory management and asset management are delicate balances between having enough of what you need to operate your facility and sell to your customers and having excess so that storage becomes an issue and even an expense.

    An important aspect of facility management is loss prevention. Shoplifting, pilfering, and embezzling are avoidable when the proper channels of accountability are created and strictly adhered to.

  • Service functions and contracts

    While all facilities have some facility maintenance needs in common, each facility has its unique service needs. Common facility maintenance needs consist of electrical, plumbing, HVAC, janitorial services, and waste removal. Some municipalities provide free waste removal while others have central locations to which waste must be transported by individuals and companies. Although utilities are most often managed by municipalities, upkeep and maintenance onsite are necessary. Moreover, some utilities provide discounts for green initiatives, usage thresholds, conservation efforts, and more.

    As a facilities management company, it is our duty to be thoroughly informed of all the details regarding service functions and to use this information when creating contracts for projects we put out to bid. Analyzing the bids and choosing suppliers and vendors is a crucially important job that has a major impact on a facility’s bottom line. Choosing the wrong facility maintenance providers is a serious error.

  • Office equipment and supplies

    Busy executives do not want to concern themselves with the minutia of running a business. But facility management companies know just how important the small details are. Office equipment and supplies such as computers, software, printers, and paper can cost hundreds of thousands of dollars. Available choices need to be researched, negotiated, and the right decisions made.

    Anytime money is being spent unnecessarily, it detracts from your business’s profit and growth. Our facility management company accounts for every penny and ensures the expense was necessary and correct.

Facility Maintenance:

  • HVAC
  • Electrical
  • Plumbing
  • All control systems
  • Maintain building exterior and surrounding areas
  • Manage and monitor food services
  • Janitorial services
  • Waste removal
  • Recycling programs
  • Energy management optimization

Security of Facility Services:

Regardless of what type of facility you own, security is a major component. As your facility management company, it is our job to consider all the functions of your facility, determine your security needs, investigate and interview local security companies, and make recommendations to you.

Your facility may require metal detectors and armed guards available to wand those who enter the building. You may only require an unarmed security guard who acts as a concierge at the entrance to your facility. You may need a security team to make rounds throughout your building or buildings. Or you may need a combination of these.

Security includes more than guards, however. Your facility will need a digital security system your guards can work with. This may include keyed entry, lights with motion detectors, security cameras that may or may not be monitored, and other technology.

  • Evaluate
  • Recommend
  • Manage facility security requirements
  • Staying current with safety, compliance, and inspections

Providing project solutions.
Achieving project results.

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We understand that each potential customer is unique and our experienced operations team members know how to ensure all our customers achieve their goals. We personalize the solutions we offer so that our client’s concentration can be on the day to day of their own businesses. Portfolios are safe and managed by our talented team and outstanding technology freeing up our customers to focus on what matters most.

Leading Facilities Management Company

Project Solutions Group is dedicated to lessening the environmental impact facilities have on the earth and its people. We incorporate LEED architecture into all our designs, and we make sustainable selections in all our facility management duties, including using ENERGY STAR-rated appliances and recycled and recyclable materials whenever possible.

Our clients choose us as their facility management company because we are well-known in the industry for our experience, dependability, efficiency, and our allegiance to the reduction of carbon footprints.


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