Our commercial construction management services begin by establishing and developing a master project schedule and preliminary budget. We then map out the steps of your project from beginning to end, ensuring that every task is included.

Our construction management services include:

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Project Solution Group
Project Solution Group

Services include:

Site Analysis and Evaluation

  • Geotechnical engineering to assess slope and stability. Environmental management strategies to reduce carbon footprints and design approaches to conserve energy.
  • Participate in site tours to understand and evaluate potential alternative sites that may prove better suited, more cost-effective, or easier to develop.

Financing Coordination

  • Manage and coordinate the preparation of applications for payment, including raising and transferring capital, finalizing loan transactions, and signing contracts.
  • Construct budget-tracking model in a format conforming to client’s financial reporting, making payroll, taxes, quarterly reports, reimbursements, and regular check-ins easier and faster.

Design Oversight and Coordination

  • Manage the design team - commercial architects, structural, planning and site engineers, surveyors, and others - to ensure timely completion of the assigned tasks. 
  • Oversee the value engineering process to identify alternative construction methods or materials that can help clients trim costs and save money, even if the project is on budget.
  • Site and building permit procurement oversight, including obtaining all necessary permits and scheduling inspections by the local authorities to avoid any project delays.

Providing project solutions.
Achieving project results.

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Pre-Lease Services

  • Schedule building tours to analyze and evaluate building systems to ensure every aspect of the project matches the master plan, noting any discrepancies found.
  • Assist in lease agreement negotiation with the tenant ensuring that the building’s owner is fully protected against any unnecessary liability in accordance with the law and that no loopholes exist for the tenant.


  • Prepare master project schedule noting every step of the construction project and the date and time at which it is to occur.
  • Develop a preliminary master budget, noting areas in which substitutions could be made and where money could be saved.

Construction Management

  • General contractor procurement.
  • Review and confirm the project schedule and monitor the progress of work daily to ensure the project is not falling behind and workers are keeping to the schedule.
  • Implement a quality control program to double-check that work has been done correctly, mitigating the risk of delays after inspections.
  • Perform periodic site inspections to ensure plans are being followed exactly as written and safety protocols are being adhered to.
  • Administer change orders by determining merit and cost so as not to unnecessarily inflate the cost of the total project.
  • Track contractor RFIs and facilitate resolution of conflicts to keep projects moving and on schedule and to avoid any delays.
  • Monitor on-site construction and safety management to ensure the lowest possible rate of injuries and worker’s compensation claims.

Project Closeout

  • Prepare punch list and conduct all necessary inspections, allowing nothing to fall through the cracks or remain undone.
  • Obtain all closeout items for certification and delivery to the client.
  • Conduct inspection 11 months after occupancy to confirm proper operation of all warranted items.

We provide these building construction management services to our clients as part of our comprehensive project management services, which encompass other contractors, vendors, etc. Moreover, we further offer facility management services at the completion of your project to assist clients with their day-to-day operations.

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