As the mid-Atlantic region’s premier provider of corporate real estate, project, construction and facility management services, Project Solutions Group has the expertise, experience and insight to deliver the precise results our commercial clients expect — on time, every time. We provide a suite of management services for commercial buildings, taking your project from concept to completion with your exact specifications.

Clients may opt to take advantage of all our proprietary services or select just the ones they need.

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Project Solution Group
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Project Management

Choosing a commercial project manager to shepherd your venture from beginning to end is a make-or-break decision. Timing, experience, and knowledge of the local market are critical. Project Solutions Group has been dominating the industry in the mid-Atlantic region for nearly 20 years, gaining the trust, respect, and admiration of our clients and competitors. 

Our years of acting as commercial project managers for area investors and developers have allowed us to build our skills, contacts, and reputation in the industry as the most highly qualified team available. Having us at the helm brings our clients not only great satisfaction with their results and a better bottom line, but also the peace of mind that comes from working with a creative, capable, and dependable team.

Construction Management

Commercial construction management is at the heart of what we do. While project management encompasses literally millions of tasks, many of them fall under the building construction management umbrella. 

Whether our clients have purchased an existing building that they want to repurpose or they are constructing a new building from the ground up, our building construction management company provides A-to-Z oversight of every task. Project Solutions Group can be your commercial broker to help seal the deal as well as sign on as your facility management company when the deal is complete.

We also provide complete relocation management services.  We manage full commercial build-out services as well as logistics services, entirely facilitating your company’s move from point A to point B, no matter where in the world those points are.

Commercial Real Estate Services

Developers, investors, and business owners searching for a building or land in the mid-Atlantic region count on our commercial real estate company for assistance. As commercial brokers, we work with clients to locate the perfect corporate real estate solution for them, whether it is an existing building, a teardown and rebuild, or a vacant lot. Depending on our clients’ preferences, our real estate advisors do not limit searches to the East Coast — our reach is nationwide.

We offer our commercial real estate company’s services to both sides of the table, brokering sales as well as purchases. Our clients trust our experience and our knowledge of the corporate real estate market to get them the highest price for their property, or the best deal for their purchase. Our commercial real estate firm leaves nothing to chance.

Once your purchase has been made and your project is complete, we offer our services as a commercial property management company, dealing with leases, related business, and legal issues.

Facility Maintenance & Management

Many of the clients for whom we provide building construction management services wish to retain us as their facility management company after the completion of their project. We have the proven skills to manage contracts with providers for facility maintenance such as janitorial services, waste removal, HVAC, and security. Our clients have grown to trust us as they have already benefitted from our open communication style, dogged reliability, and our capacity to deliver on promised results by or before the deadline and on budget. 

Our facility management services are delivered the same way — smoothly and cost-effectively. Starting with hiring personnel to supervising day-to-day operation tasks, we handle it all for our clients.

Mission Critical Services & Operations

Our commercial construction management company thrives on mission-critical projects. Working under pressure doesn’t diminish the quality of the results. We understand that projects are sometimes unavoidably delayed, and when the green light finally comes on, it’s a rush to the finish line. 

Our commercial architects, designers, and project managers come together to kick your project into overdrive to meet the impossible deadline that no one else would even attempt.

General Contracting

Building a home is a complicated, difficult undertaking; building a large commercial building is a multimillion-dollar monumental effort. Our commercial construction management company has succeeded in this effort every day for nearly 20 years. We meticulously choreograph the dance among commercial architects and designers with builders; electrical, plumbing, and HVAC contractors. We have literally partnered with hundreds of contractors and vendors ensuring each service is completed correctly and at the right time. 

Our commercial project managers are renowned for their skills in the building industry. That is why our clients expect the best from us and that is what they get.

Advantage Services & Solutions

The process of serving as a commercial project manager often begins with a commercial real estate purchase and then moves into building construction management. For many companies, the process ends when the building is complete. But at Project Solutions Group, we stay by your side as long as you need us. We offer commercial property management, facility management services, and a full suite of other proprietary services for our long-term clients.

This is an unusual service not offered by most commercial project management companies, and just another advantage that sets our company apart from the others.

Respected Commercial Project Managers

In our years in the project management business, we have seen-to-completion more than 100 million square feet of commercial space, both renovated or newly built. This expansive resume cements our foothold in the commercial construction management industry with clients such as Google, Capital One, Northrup Grumman, Exxon Mobile, Nestle, and Kellogg’s.

For the best, most reliable, and cost-effective project management and facilities management solutions, depend on Project Solutions Group.


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