Top 5 Benefits of Using Facility Management Companies

Top 5 Benefits of Using Facility Management Companies

Businesses discover countless benefits inherent in using the services of professional facility management companies, some of which you might not be aware of.

The perception of facility managers tends to focus more on maintenance functions rather than true management. Although maintenance tasks are a critical part of the process, these functions are only a small fraction of what an expert facility management firm does for its clients.

Project Solutions Group provides a highly customized level of facilities management solutions for our clients. Our value-added services focus on helping our clients and their teams realize their goals and business objectives.

Understanding the Purpose of Facilities Management

Facilities management includes processes and tools necessary to ensure the reliable and efficient ongoing safety, comfort, function, and sustainability of the facility. Typically, these efforts extend beyond the property’s building(s), to include all infrastructure(s) and the grounds.

We can break these functions into two general categories:

Hard facility management involves the handling of the property’s physical assets and features. This includes building structures, utilities, and physical services such as elevators.

Soft facility management involves the handling of the property’s human assets and their functions. This potentially includes everything from maintenance and custodial services to security and facility financial management.

It’s common for facility owners to focus on the hard management functions while undervaluing the soft side. Using a professional facility manager is a great way to ensure that both sides of the process receive equal focus.

These are just a few of the benefits you will realize when you choose a professional facilities management company like Project Solutions Group.

No. 1: Protection and Preservation of Your Assets

Effective management and maintenance principles help ensure the maximum lifespan of your assets. These practices help keep your facility operating at peak performance while attracting tenants, employees, and customers.

Best management practices also help reduce legal and financial liabilities, protecting your financial investment.

No. 2: Reduction of Operating Costs

A well-run and well-maintained facility are the most cost-effective to operate.

When systems function optimally, it minimizes downtime and extends the life of the equipment. You will have fewer unexpected repairs and thus the need for capital expenditures is minimized.

Streamlining facility and property management functions also helps reduce the overall cost of managing and maintaining your facility.

No. 3: Optimized Working Environment

Optimizing company operations and work environments make your facility a more comfortable and enjoyable space in which to spend time. When employees are comfortable at work, they become significantly more engaged. Engaged team members accomplish more with less. Turnover is reduced and employees are more productive..

Optimization can be applied to the physical workspaces and tools employees need to perform their jobs.

An experienced facilities manager will identify the areas of your facility and operation that can benefit from optimization and devise a plan to work toward that goal.

No. 4: Minimized Downtime

We all know downtime can be costly. And it comes in many forms. A facility-wide power outage can bring everything to a halt. A failed piece of equipment can interfere with an entire department or division’s ability to function. But other types of downtime can also affect your operations.

For example, a poorly organized rollout of a new technology platform can set entire departments back for days if not weeks. An unusable escalator or elevator can cause ripples that extend to the far reaches of productivity.

Facility managers have the in-depth knowledge and expertise to identify potential problems and address them before they ever get far enough along to cause disruption and downtime. The right facility manager will be militant in keeping maintenance schedules to minimize downtime due to failed equipment.

No. 5: Improved Organizational Focus

If you have tried managing your facility in-house you may have been needlessly tying up critical human and economic resources.

Unless you’re in the business of facilities management, you probably lack the resources and infrastructure to do the job as effectively or efficiently as a company that focuses on these critical business functions. The net result is you could be using resources you don’t need to, while never quite reaching the point of optimized performance.

When you let an expert handle your facility management functions, you will save money and free up resources to focus on the important processes of managing and growing your business.

Choosing the Best Facility Management Service for Your Needs

You have options when choosing a facility management company, in Virginia or elsewhere in the U.S. So, how can you know you’re getting the right solution provider for your needs?

Search for a facility management expert who places equal emphasis on both the hard and soft sides of your facility. The best solution for you will be one that is customized specifically to your needs and objectives and that can be scaled appropriately over time as your needs change.

Choose a management services provider that has the capacity to handle all of your needs.

Project Solutions Group has real-world project and facilities management capabilities and experience that can help you today. Our streamlined processes and procedures provide the maximum return on investment.

Contact us today to learn more about our comprehensive suite of facility management services.