Invaluable Services Offered by Commercial Real Estate Companies

Invaluable Services Offered by Commercial Real Estate Companies

For those entering the world of commercial real estate, working with quality, experienced real estate experts is critical. Commercial real estate brokers serve several vital roles, from acting as intermediaries between landlords and tenants to assisting with leases, transactions, marketing, and much more.

At Project Solutions Group, we're proud to offer high-quality commercial real estate services to a variety of clients in a multitude of ways.. Below is a short list of the types of services we offer and the ways in which we can serve you.

Types of Commercial Real Estate Brokers

Some commercial real estate brokers specialize in specific transactions. Though it's important to note that some brokerages or firms - like Project Solutions Group - offer the full range of services.

  • Landlordbrokers: Represent the property owner and work exclusively with those who own commercial buildings. They provide property owners with market information to include cost per square foot for both sales and leasing.. They also assist investors with locating potential buyers and tenants as well as offering counseling to help them make informed decisions. Landlord brokers are also referred to as listing brokers. They are paid a commission from the landlord when they successfully complete a leasing transaction.
  • Tenant brokers: Represent clients seeking to rent real estate space. Tenant brokers serve as an intermediary between their clients and building owners. Tenant brokers improve their client's chances of securing the best pricing. They advise clients on what properties would best meet their needs and help them prepare to negotiate a deal. They educate clients on what lease terms and conditions are typical for similar commercial properties in the area, helping lessees understand typical rental rates and required deposits, and other costs that may be required.
  • Dual brokers: Finally, in certain specific situations, a single broker may be able to represent both the landlord and tenant in the same transaction. However, this can be sticky legal territory due to potential conflicts of interest, and it's not recommended you go this route unless you've done your due diligence and checked with your state and local governments to confirm it's legal (there are many states where this practice, and similar practices that may lead to such conflicts, are expressly prohibited).

Vital Services Offered by Commercial Real Estate Companies

As a full-service commercial real estate firm, Project Solutions Group offers the following all of the below services to our clients.

  • Acquisitions: For those who are looking to expand your portfolio, we can help you consider all available options. We will provide insight into the current status of the market for commercial properties in your area, help you identify which buildings are ripe for acquisition and their respective potential return on investment. We can recommend renovation or improvement services that would increase a given property's value. We also take on the vital role of negotiating the ideal price for a given building or property.
  • Leasing: When you're seeking to rent out your own commercial building, the services of a broker will be invaluable. We perform a market analysis, comparing similar properties in the area, to determine the best price per square foot. It is our responsibility to identify potential renters and negotiate deals that are in your best interest. We draw up the leasing terms and documents and collect security deposits.
  • Dispositions: Using a combination of market analysis and deep, detailed research, we will be able to help you identify buildings that are ideal for selling. We can help prepare those buildings for sale and market the property once it is ready for sale. We will manage the complete sales process, from pricing and negotiations to legalities and documentation. We will coordinate and conduct walk-throughs for potential buyers, ensure inspections are scheduled and executed in a timely manner. Our focus is to get you, our client, the best possible price for your property.

A full-service commercial real estate company like Project Solutions Group provides you with a number of vital services. For more on how our team will work with you for all your commercial real estate needs, or to learn how our facility management or project management services could serve you, speak to the team today.