The PSG Story

Project Solutions Group (PSG) provides expertise in a variety of related services combined with a personal, streamlined level of communication. These services include but are not limited to: real estate, project and construction management, facility management, mission critical services and operations, and general contracting through Project Contracting Group (PCG). Our goal is to provide cost-saving alternatives during the project process by managing the details and finding the trigger points.

Our headquarters are located within the Mid-Atlantic Region with offices in Northern Virginia and Richmond. We have overseen more than 100 million square feet of new construction and renovation projects for commercial offices, established institutions, and mission critical facilities.

PSG’s strong history of documented client satisfaction and project success reflects the integrity of our organization. We promote trust through our personalized relationships and develop value and creativity in our construction environments. Our forward-thinking employees use sound risk management practices to identify issues and develop solutions that benefit and support our clients.

PSG Timeline of Events

  • 2002 – Project Solutions Group was established with 10 employees
  • 2004 – Project Contracting Group (PCG) was established to better serve PSG’s clients to provide A-Z approach to the commercial Real Estate market
  • 2006 – PSG adds Facility Management Services to PSG Solutions
  • 2008 – PSG adds Government Services to the list of solutions, operating under GS00F367GA Professional Services Schedule (PSS) Construction Management GS-29F-0022T Comprehensive Furniture Management Services (CFMS) Project Management, Assets Management, Reconfiguration/Relocation Management, Furniture Design/Layout.
  • 2009 – PSG adds Real Estate Services to serve brokerage for clients requiring real estate services and lease administration
  • 2011 – PSG adds Mission Critical Services and Operations to target all PSG’s services for the Mission Critical market
  • 2016 – Dave Zorger acquires 100% ownership of PSG/PCG
  • 2021 – PSG & PCG rebrands and reinvents their approach with new process and procedures to combat COVID-19 impacts and rebuild the commercial real estate market within the Mid-Atlantic Region

Our Mission

The mission of Project Solutions Group (PSG) is to always remain client focused. We operate in a collaborative culture, to create value, deliver solutions, and exceed our clients’ expectations. We always strive to ensure our clients achieve the goals and objectives of their unique projects.

Our Philosophy

With unparalleled service and dedication, the staff at PSG is focused entirely on our clients’ best interests. We personalize our services on a Nationwide Platform. PSG is committed to providing our clients with customized services no matter the location and circumstances. PSG assembles a team of individuals specifically qualified for each unique project. We always go above and beyond the minimum because realizing the goals and particulars of your project is our passion.

PSG Differentiators

PSG Turnkey Services

  • One contract
  • One point of contact (POC)
  • Expedited schedule and communications
  • Enhanced client protection through contracts held by PSG
  • Warranties and post-occupancy support

PSG Advantage Program

  • Extends additional benefits to long-term clients such as procurement services, long lead item acquisition, service and repair contracting and prototype development.
  • Provides reliable, cost-effective services
  • Addresses day-to-day challenges not typically included by other providers